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The Shooting Starz program is a competitive, year-round gymnastics team that will compete through the Texas Amateur Athletics Federation (TAAF) in Levels 2 – 5.

Michael Burnett is the head coach of the Shooting Starz gymnastics program and ensures each gymnast receives the highest caliber of training in our facility.  Each instructor maintains up-to-date credentials required by USAG and each coach is safety certified and has passed a thorough background check to include being First Aid and CPR qualified.  We also attend training in our field throughout the year at annual training conventions, gymnastics camps, and invitational training events.

The Shooting Starz, along with all of our competitive programs, have the following goals in mind:

We strive to create happy, healthy memories in children’s lives  –  Our GymKix Mission Statement

Safety through progressions – We strive to keep our athletes safe with attention to detail and proper sequential instruction, We will not allow shortcuts when it comes to proper progressions and we want our athletes to understand the rules of their sport completely.

Fun first, skills second – This build confidence quickly!  We wholly believe that kids learn best when they are having fun!

Self Esteem is earned not given – Our coaching goal for our competitive programs is to use our sports as a mechanism to develop intrinsic motivation.

Marathon mentality – The character skill of delayed gratification is absent with many of our youth today. There is no better way than sports progression over a period of years to equip the kids with the ability to delay gratification in favor of the greater achievement. We coach athletes with the long term in mind and will never short change them for immediate glory.

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