Our After School Kid’s Club is the alternative you’ve been looking for!

Finally, a place where your kid’s can’t wait to visit each day!

“I love the teachers and the overall environment for the kiddos. My daughter has become more confident and obviously improved in skill level as well. The teachers are positive, firm, encouraging…just wonderful.”

Our philosophy is to develop each individual’s core character using sports & recreation as a tool to capture experiences that lead to learning. We believe in working with each individual, giving respect to their goals and the physical and mental tools they have.

We strive to encourage the best in each individual. Safety, fun, and skill building go together! We want all children to get the most out of what we offer.

Kids never have “too much energy” at GymKix because we keep them busy and having fun! 

Let’s face it, after a full day of sitting at school, kids CRAVE physical activity!

They deserve personal attention and caring staff that ENGAGE them in play and learning!

GymKix will pick up students from the following schools:

  • Taylor Creek
  • Clements/Parsons
  • JL Williams
  • House Creek
  • Martin Walker




“I used to work in child care facilities in the area. When my son was born, I discontinued employment because I would not take him to these facilities, even if I was there. The standard in this area is at a low that is disturbing!

When he entered kindergarten and his father deployed, I had no choice but to find after school care. I walked into over 7 facilities and turned around and walked right out, many without even taking the time to talk to anyone.  The facilities were small, cubicle like rooms, dark, dingy, the buildings uncared for and dirty, and the staff often were unwelcoming.

I was discouraged by the time I made it to GymKix. I immediately fell in love! Not only is the facility amazing, but the staff have become dear to us! They have cared for my son in such a way that his behavior has changed for the better and he is always disappointed if he misses GymKix for a day.

We recently moved to Killeen, but I drive my children to Cove everyday for school because I will not change his after school program!!! Thank you for have the passion to run a much needed facility in the area! GymKix is truly a diamond in the rough!”

After School Infograph